We provide a revolutionary one-and-done treatment for the eradication of head lice and their eggs. This revolutionary non-toxic lice treatment was developed by Professor Dale Clayton of the University of Utah in the USA and is marketed world-wide by Larada Sciences, Inc.

Larada Sciences is now a world leader in lice-treatment services and has built the largest global network of lice-removal professionals. Its flagship product is the FDA-cleared and TGA listed AirAllé® device.

The only one-and-done professional lice removal treatment

The FDA-cleared and TGA listed AirAllé device kills lice and eggs through dehydration. This is a revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with pesticides, herbal lice remedies, suffocation products or lice combs. The device kills lice and eggs through a specific combination of temperature, air flow, time and technique.

AirAllé® (pronounced air-a-lay)